Take Back the Habitat

Responding to the numerous crises of his generation, Zachary Seth Greer invokes the increasingly dystopian hue of our present through war ravaged dreamscapes of color. Placing adolescent figures within dripping post-apocalyptic (sub)urban landscapes, he highlights the dichotomies of our era: chaos vs. control, freedom vs. surveillance, bravery vs. complicity, innocence vs. violence, and empire vs.collapse. His work questions the implicit assumptions of our culture about the nature of safety, government, liberty and sustainability in the internet age.

The Millennials, raised on a steady diet of future shock, feel the weight of tomorrow pressing in on them as few generations ever have. As the systems of yesterday begin to crumble amidst accelerating change, the adaptations of tomorrow show their face through the cracking edifice of our current social structure. These paintings are forecasts, glimpses through those cracks, as the unsettling world that could be becomes the banal world that is already here.

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